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Fireplace Safety Check

Chimney Sweep AucklandUnswept chimneys are a fire hazard, the last thing you need is to void your insurance from not having your chimney swept regularly. Our quick and super clean process makes it simple for you to have your log burner or fireplace swept without the normal hassles. We’re one of the most experienced teams of chimney sweeps in Auckland. When you use us, your chimney is cleaned on time, safely and to the highest standard with the least disruption to you.

Factors to ensure safe fireplace use…

  1. Ensure you have a fire screen
  2. Do not leave your house with the fire still burning!
  3. Use well seasoned dry firewood to avoid excessive soot build up
  4. Make sure an adult is responsible for the fire
  5. Have your chimney or flue cleaned regularly

Chimney Sweeping & Fireplace Cleaning

We conduct…

  1. Open fire chimney sweeping
  2. Wood burner flue sweeping
  3. Spinning cowl cleaning
  4. Pizza Oven
  5. Industrial Chimney and Extractor Systems
  6. Outdoor Fireplaces
  7. Multi fuel burner sweeping

Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

We repair…

  1. Cowl fitting
  2. Door glass replacement
  3. Baffle plate repair
  4. Door seal fitting
  5. Glass seal removal & replacement
  6. Fire brick replacement
  7. Glass retaining frames

From here…

Book your chimney to be swept by calling 09 428 1199 or book a fireplace repair by email below.

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FAQ: Fireplaces & Log Burners

How can I improve the performance of my log burner?
  • When your firewood bubbles, hisses with steam as it heats up in the fire, the wood is wet or green, this means the wood needs to be dry and seasoned for a longer period before burning.
  • Try to avoid making a load of fuel burn longer than 6 to 8 hours.
  • Many air tights can burn long extended periods, resulting in heavy creosote deposits.
  • Operate air tights with their draft control wide open for approximately 20 to 25 minutes periodically each time you top up with firewood or until the fresh load is totally consumed in flames. This will heat up the flue to help solidify the liquid creosote deposited by the previous firewood.
  • Never try to clean a chimney by purposely starting a chimney fire, that can backfire (excuse the pun)!
  • Have your chimney professionally cleaned and checked at a minimum of once a year, this ensures your fireworks properly and is safe.
Why should I use a Smoky Chimney Sweeps?
To avoid the gradual build up of soot which can seriously affect the performance of your chimney. Thick layers of soot can physically restrict the flue so there is no longer enough free area to vent the chimney or flue properly.

You should get your fireplace cleaned so as to maintain peak performance this means free from debris, soot, nests, birds, animals and creosote.

If the chimney is swept on a regular basis at the end of each winter the build up of unwanted matter and obstructions can be prevented. If however, you are at the point where the build-up has turned into a glaze, a special type of cleaning will be required instead of a normal sweep.

When do I need my chimney swept?
If you’re not sure whether to have your chimney swept then call Smoky chimney sweep for record files or advice on the particular address, if we’ve completed a sweep before we’ll be able to tell you.

If there is 2mm or more creosote build up in the chimney flue, there is the possibility that a chimney fire could occur. Some types of creosote require very little build up to be a fire risk.

Bird nests in chimneys, or blockage of any kind can create smoke issues, chimney fires and carbon monoxide poisoning which is very hazardous.

Dirty chimneys can cause chimney fires, which damage structures, destroy property and can injure or even kill people.

In order to maintain your chimney to peak performance which means free from debris, nests and creosote.

If your chimney does not need to be cleaned during a scheduled appointment the chimney gets inspected only and you’ll only pay for a service call.

What happens if I have a chimney fire?
If a chimney fire happens, close the draft control on the log burner completely to stop the supply of oxygen. Get out of the house and call the fire brigade immediately by dialing 111. Ensure the chimney is swept and inspected afterwards.

Other tips…

  • Don’t forget that homes can be replaced, but lives can not.
  • If you have a fire extinguisher handy you may be able put out the fire.
  • Use a garden hose to spray down the roof (not the chimney).
How often do I need my chimney swept?
At Smoky Chimney we believe if you use your log burner or fireplace over the winter or cooler periods, it needs to be cleaned a minimum of once a year and sometimes twice or even three times a year depending on how much usage, and what fuel you burn.

If you use your fireplace every now and again, in other words, a couple of times a month, you can probably leave it for a period of two years, but definitely no more than two years.

Your best option is to have it swept and inspected once a year because of birds, animals, deterioration and things that you may not see yourself.

How can I get rid of the smoke marks on the front face of the bricks on my fireplace?
We’ve found that the cheapest and most effective way to remove the black smoke marks from the brickwork is with the use of laundry detergent. Add detergent to a bowl with a little water, make a paste and scrub it on the brick surface (it will take some effort) and then rinse with cold water, you may need to do this a few times.

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